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The sports facilities within schools and universities are more than often shared and multi player lanes allow coaching and training in larger numbers of players making the training and the usage staff efficient.

We can offer bespoke sizes to suit yuor requirements, but multi player cricket facilities will consist of 2-10 individual lanes of 3m widths with a 0.5m seperation on eitherside of the playing surface. The lengths are subject to specification and vary from a typical 9m to full 30m lengths.

The options of outdoor artificial non turf pitch suraces include simple and cost effective IBC matting for hard bases. For more professional level pracice, dynamic surfaces with a traditional shock pad aggregate base. Choices are Matchbowl or Woven and GP2 and Premium under padding. Surrounding areas are covered with needlepuch matting. Creases and coaching lines if required. Netting is standard 16z 2mm knotted in black. Additions include canvas blinker baffles and canvas animal safety skirting.



Professional artificial non turf cricket pitches for schools and universities. Hardcore and crush aggregate dynamic bases suitable for grading up to pro specifications combined with steel batting practice netting cages. Single lane public park cricket pitch surfaces and construction. Residential cricket practice area construction.

Single All Weather Practice Pitch & Batting CageAll Weather Practice Pitch & Batting Cages

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Indoor Cricket Batting Net Practice Facilities

Indoor Cricket Batting Net Enclosures

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Multi User All Weather Cricket Facilities

Multi Player Outdoor Cricket Facilities

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Freestanding Play Grounds Cricket Practice AreaSteel Short Open Length Cricket Practice Cage

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Portable Steel Cricket Practice Net Cages

Portable Mobile Cricket Practice Net Cages

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Combination All Weather Cricket Practice Area

Combination All Weather Cricket Practice Area

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Indoor PVC cricket matting


A nationwide installation and cricket construction and build service is available for bespoke, rennovation or replacement cricket equipment. A large range of standard heavy duty cricket items are available for most projects with custom design and manufacture available. Equipment assembly and ground works are undertaken as required. Electrical and drainage services. Ground work and pitch care and installation. Call 0800 999 5699 Installation portfolio

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Summer 2024 Installation available for ground projects. Please contact us for a quote